Read here CV of Pierluigi Diletti

My Name is Pierluigi Diletti, mechanical engineer, free lance consultant.Consultant for important italian companies in different area (engine, vending, mould makers , etc...).Specialist in CAD/CAM technologies and methods, from more 10 years consultant for system ProEngineer. The other main area in which I work is in the technical area :

Organization of technical department and methods for design
>Analysis and implementation of design programs (CAD,ANALYSIS) and production programs (CAM).
>Implementation of methods for reduction of Product TIME TO MARKET (CAD 3D modeling, cinematic simulation, plastic molding flow simulation).
>Support for specific SW choosing.
>Education and training (CAD, CAM, Rapid Prototyping Technologies, etc...

Product Design and development
>First Idea developing (Industrial design) starting from your basic specs.
>Support for 3D CAD modeling.
>Reverse engineering activities (points collection and data elaboration).
>Quality control (specs definition for product control and Control on CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine). 

Prototypes and pre-series
>Production of prototypes for different purposes  (esthetic, functional, marketing, assembly verification, ...) and using different technology  (milling, stereolitography, plastic sintering,...)
>Production of functional pre-series (molding using resins, rapid tooling using silicone moulds)

Consultancy for Production
>Consultancy for Plastic and metal production moulding and consultancy for assembly production.

My main goal is to support customers giving them a
almost complete series of services which cover many technical activities of Design and production Departments.
Through my direct job or thanks to the collaboration of other known companies I can support you in order to define the best solution and best integration of all phases for product design.

Industrial Design, Product engineering, 3D CAD Modeling, Production drawings and Technical documentation, Reverse Engineering, Mould Design, Definition of Milling operation and production of tool- paths for milling machines, Production of prototypes using milling operations, Rapid Prototyping models, Functional pre-series models.